There’s an enormous need for innovative new businesses that provide pathways to better futures for communities throughout the world, requiring thousands of new creative builders, willing partners, and investors. Our aim is to accelerate the development of this creative workforce and projects inside startups and large corporations alike to drive meaningful growth. 

HDG works in three verticals in our pursuit to drive new and meaningful growth for our partner clients.


We are experts at creating, building and launching new processes, products, and ventures within organizations. We work collaboratively with you and your team on idea generation via various approaches based on the needs of the situation. This can include process mapping, gap analysis, product road mapping, customer journey mapping, Blue Ocean Strategy, SWOT Analysis, and other relevant insight-gathering frameworks.


We have been on the ground floor of developing new business ventures from scratch that have received national recognition and garnered millions of revenue and investment. We have worked hand in hand with these teams in developing repeatable and scalable business processes and developing continuous innovation loops.

We are experts at understanding how to view and present the value proposition of initiatives and new ventures. We have experience working with Executive Leadership, Board of Directors, and Investors to explain and demonstrate the "why" behind new initiatives and ventures to ensure they can obtain the prerequisite financial, human, and organizational capital necessary to achieve their potential. The team is capable of assisting in building investor presentation decks, three statement models, business case presentations, and ROI analysis.


We have gone into the weeds by cleansing data and extracting critical insights to make bold transformation changes. The team has years of experience in growth hacking and data science to help your team build ideas into reality. The team has developed numerous predictive models and associated reporting environments that have driven millions in top-line revenue growth and double-digit to triple-digit productivity gains.